Bunny (Formerly Mr. Bubbles)

Adopted in 2016

Dog Description

Bunny came to NAWR from Scottish Terrier Rescue just before Christmas in 2015. He had severe pneumonia and had to be hospitalized because he was not responding to antibiotics. We almost thought we were going to lose him, but on Christmas we learned that he was finally responding to a trio of antibiotics. With the help of Auntie Kelley, Bunny was transported to his foster home. That foster home, with NAWR Director Karen Errichetti and her husband Vincent Errichetti, became his forever home due to his age and behavioral needs.  Bunny is a very special dog, and we are forever grateful to Suncook River Veterinary Clinic, VCA Capital Area Veterinary Emergency and Specialty hospital, and the Williamson Fund for making his life possible. Congratulations Bunny on your forever home. You are TOO CUTE!