Adoption Fees

All adopters are required to pay North Atlantic Westie Rescue prior to or on the day of adoption. We strongly encourage adopters make an online payment, especially if a long drive is involved on adoption day. If you show up to the adoption location without a check or receipt of payment, we can’t give you the dog.  Sorry, but some of our adopters have chosen not to pay us in the past. Yeah, can you imagine that?

We require a minimum fee of $200 that is non-negotiable and non-refundable except during a trial period, if elected.  Our current fees, which are based on age, are as follows:

Age Adoption Fee (per dog)
Under 1 year $650
1-3 years $500
4-6 years $450
7-9 years $375
10-12 years $300
13 years and older $200

We do not offer discounts for dogs with medical or behavioral needs. Dogs that have significant illness or behavioral needs stay in our long-term foster program.  North Atlantic Westie Rescue spends $500 on average per dog that enters our program, and because of this, we know our fees are reasonable. If money is an issue for you, we suggest you reconsider whether dog ownership is right for you.