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Thank you for your interest in our organization. Due to the popularity of our program, North Atlantic Westie Rescue is prioritizing intake of dogs who have complex needs that make them difficult to place or who are deemed “unadoptable.” As such, North Atlantic Westie Rescue¬†only taking new cases that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Seniors (8 years of age or up)
  • Dogs with chronic illnesses or disabilities
  • Dogs with terminal illness
  • Dogs with behavioral conditions requiring medication

Our organization takes all “little white dogs” and other terriers, so it is not essential that your dog be a Westie as long as the above criteria are met.

We regret that we are unable to take dogs with severe aggression (e.g., repeated biting of human beings that goes well beyond “nipping” and occasional bites) to ensure the safety of our volunteers. If you need help with a dog that does not meet these criteria or has aggression, please contact us via our surrender line at 781-424-1477 to discuss your situation or to get a referral to another organization that can help you. We are committed to referring you to an organization that can help you with your dog.

If you need to surrender your dog AND they meet the criteria above, fill out our short surrender form below to receive a call from our intake Director.


Please use this form if you wish to surrender a dog (or dogs) you personally own. DO NOT use this form if you want to report abuse or a dog in trouble that is in a shelter or owned by someone else.
  • Your Contact Information

    Please fill out this section completely. We will keep this information confidential from the public.
  • Please share the address where the dog is located.
  • About the Dog

    Please tell us about the dog you wish to surrender in as much detail as you can. Anything you can tell us will help us place the dog in our foster care program and find an adoptive home. Please note that you will need to fill out one form for each dog you wish to surrender.
    What is the primary breed of the dog you wish to surrender? Please note that we take Westies and other small dogs. We reserve the right to refer you to another rescue if the dog is not a Westie.
  • Please be honest. It's sometimes hard to say why you want to give up your dog, but it's important we know the whole story. This will help us be able to care for your dog well.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.