Volunteer Testimonials

North Atlantic Westie Rescue is fortunate to have a network of over 80 volunteers in ten states. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our mission, ensuring that dogs in need are rescued, cared for, and placed in adoptive homes. Some of volunteers contribute to our foster program while others drive hundreds of miles each year to transport dogs into safety. Here are some of their testimonies.

NAWR is more than just a westie rescue organization – it is a group of people that truly care for the westies being rescued. Every effort is made to ensure the well-being of the westies being fostered. From finding the right foster family fit to providing necessary medical care, NAWR does rescue right and I am honored to be a part of such a tremendously generous organization!

Christina Bedell, Volunteer

I have always loved dogs, especIally scruffy little terriers. When my husband bought me Dudley, a westie from a pet store 15 years ago, we were both blissfully ignorant of the circumstances that landed Dudley in that store. Now that we both know better we want to help other dogs in tough situations and help educate people unaware of the suffering that goes on everyday in the animal world. We have been able to help with several transfers and fosters and each time it feels so good to help get a little scared dog into a safe and loving home. I am so happy to be involved with NAWR. I’ve meet wonderful people and wonderful pups and I hope to continue for many years to come.

Rita Donato-Edwards, Volunteer

I started volunteering with NAWR as a “Westie taxi driver” last year. Soon after my husband & I applied to be fosters. In January we got our first foster, a senior diabetic, Jackson. As first time fosters we didn’t know what to expect. NAWR was very supportive and helpful. Everyone in the organization is fully committed to the well being of every dog that comes into their rescue.

Diane Perez, Foster Parent

My first foster with NAWR was with a dear little Westie boy named Pounce. Pounce was a dog posted ‘free to good home’ on Craig’s List. We all know what his fate may have been had the rescue not intervened. He was missing an eye and had a history of seizures. NAWR did not hesitate at all to have him brought into rescue, get him vetted and then find him an awesome forever home. Pounce and his new dad even blog about his adventures. Thank you NAWR for doing right by this boy and thank you to his new family-his health issues are well tended to and he is so happy. Best even outcome for this dear boy!

Michelle Troup, Foster Parent, Auction Coordinator

I became involved with NAWR after having lost my first Westie, MacKenna. After all the years of joy she’d brought to us, it seemed a good way to give back. Since then, Brodie, Angus and Pounce have come into our lives by way of NAWR.
It was Brodie’s antics that were first featured in the blog, ‘WestieWords, Conversations with the Dog’, and continues with Pounce, today.
The bigger story though, are these remarkable people of NAWR who so selflessly, give of themselves for no other reason than to know in their hearts, they made a difference in the life of a little dog…

Rick Sutch, Volunteer