North Atlantic Westie Rescue is governed by a corporation of officers (“board members”).  The current corporation of officers includes Karen Errichetti, Kathryn Vullemier, Kelley Lemos, Robin Lamprey, and Alicia DiDuca. The Board governs the operations of NAWR and develops and implements policies. None of our officers receive compensation for their work. Below we present bios for our current officers.


Board Member

Kelley joined North Atlantic Westie Rescue in 2015 and immediately opened her home to her first foster dog. “Fostering has just been incredible. Helping a dog become comfortable with his surroundings and find his place in the world is an experience that goes beyond words. Taking in a dog whose world has changed, everything he’s ever known, for reasons he doesn’t understand, and seeing him go from timid and defensive to happy and playful and so full of love has been rewarding for me in a way that I never expected.”

Having been brought up in a household that always included dogs (and pets of all types) helped to nurture a love and respect for animals and Westies hold a special place in her heart. Kelley adopted her Westie Angus from a rescue 8 years ago and she says that it’s the best decision that she and her husband have ever made.

Kelley lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts with her husband Jeff and their Westie Angus. She enjoys traveling, reading, cycling, and taking Angus on adventures. Whether it’s to local beaches, hiking in the state park, exploring downtown Newburyport and the waterfront, or just going out and about in the neighborhood, Angus is always ready for the next excursion.


Board Member

Robin become involved with Westie Rescue in 2013. She has Westies Barcus and Binky, A Havenese named Mickey and a Golden Retriever named Coby. Her first foster was Gracie, a lovable and spunky girl, who she knew from the first day had found her forever home. Next came Samantha who was 15 when she came to Robin and soon became part of the family.  She is still spunky and full of life. Several fosters have come and go through the Lamprey home and we credit Binky with teaching them a little while they are there. A stay with the Lamprey’s is called Binky’s Boot Camp, we have had many successes.

Robin credits her childhood Westie Duffy for her passion for rescue. Duffy was in Robins life for 13 years, from the time Robin was 13 till she was 26, while there were many ups and downs and adventures in Robins life in that time, Duffy’s love and companionship saw her through and helping Westies is Robins way of honoring Duffy.

Robin finds Rescue very rewarding and feels such contentment when the perfect family and Westie are matched and become a family.  Robin lives in Moultonboro, NH with her Husband Scott, her son Jamie and her furchildren.


Board Member

Alicia became involved with Westie Rescue in September 2012. Her first foster dog Coconut, was a sweet, gentle and loving 8 year old westie. Coconut stole her heart and soon became a permanent member of her family. Over the next few years, Alicia and Coconut fostered many other rescued westies. She gives much credit to Coconut in helping to rehabilitate other westies by modeling natural dog behavior, simple games of fetch and tug of war, and most of all sharing the love and affection of her mom. Alicia currently cares for a long term foster Einstein. Einstein seems to amaze her each day with his continued progress even with his terminally ill condition of GME. Her two westies enjoy going to crane beach, playing in the backyard and snuggles at night by the fireplace.

Alicia is passionate about rescue work due to the amount of dogs that deserve and are in need of basic care. “There is just something amazing about a rescued dog. Although somewhat needy at first, they begin to realize they are safe and loved and their personalities begin to shine. For the first time in their life, they are living the way our faithful friends deserve.”

Alicia resides in Newton Massachusetts with her husband Omar and step daughter Arianna. In her free time she enjoys ice skating, skiing and spending time with her large Italian family.


Board Member & Founder

Karen Errichetti, or “Doctor Karen” as she is known in rescue circles, became involved in Westie Rescue in 2006 when she volunteered for Westie Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States. Her very first foster, Wyatt, was territorially aggressive and needed quite a bit of rehabilitation. With support from mentor and experienced rescuer Tara Stubert, she adopted Wyatt and decided to help start a New England based Westie Rescue group. Several years later, Karen has adopted six dogs and rescued and placed over 150 Westies across eight states. She has provided leadership for Westie Rescue since 2007, and has helped several rescues around the country start their own programs. She recently became webmaster for and is currently rebuilding that website.

Karen believes the cornerstone of rescue is an effective fostering program. “Evaluation in a foster home is the best gift we can give a homeless dog. It is the foundation for a permanent placement and a lifetime of happiness for that dog and their owner.” She believes rescue should be focused on the most vulnerable dogs: those with chronic medical or behavioral conditions.  Karen also loves to support other rescues in developing leadership capacity and effective rescue programs. She offers webinars and support to rescue leaders who are in the process of starting a foster-based dog rescue program.

Karen lives with her husband Vincent and their NAWR rescued dogs Kirby, Franklin, Bunny, and Jackson in southern Massachusetts. All of her dogs have chronic health or behavioral conditions, including diabetes, IBD, pulmonary fibrosis, and aggression. She is also a member of the West Highland White Terrier Club of New England. When she is not doing rescue, Karen may be found in her art studio painting dogs and people and dreaming about her next trip to Disney World. Karen is also a doctorally trained public health professional with almost 20 years of experience researching and improving programs designed to help vulnerable populations.  Karen runs all our social media and built our website.


Board Member

Kathryn Vullemier became involves in North Atlantic Westie Rescue in 2013. She and her husband Dan run our long-term care and hospice program out of their Massachusetts home – known as “The Westie Retreat.” Kathryn has fostered most of our Sprite program dogs and has extensive expertise handling canine chronic and terminal illness. Kathryn and Dan have adopted several NAWR rescues, including Stella Marie, Charlie, Woody, and Bitsy. We could not run our rescue program without her!