Oscar and Ellie

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Oscar (12/13) and Ellie (13/14) are a very sweet bonded pair who spent their lives together but unfortunately had to be moved to foster care when their owner could no longer care for them. Both weigh about 15-17lbs, are very well behaved, know their basic commands, travel well in the car and love walking together.¬†Oscar is a bit shy but a very relaxed guy who loves his big round bed, is a bit nervous, should be approached very gently and needs a quiet home. He loves animal planet and cannot be trusted with the show! He loves searching for any animal on the show! It’s very funny to watch. His skin has improved through a raw food diet. Ellie is an inquisitive older lady. She has limited sight due to cataracts but she is very interested in her surroundings, likes exploring and loves all sorts of food. She needs a bit of help with outside stairs so the less the better.

Oscar and Ellie are now in long-term foster care in our Sprite program.