In Memoriam

Dog Description


Wyatt was the very first dog North Atlantic Westie Rescue’s founder Karen Errichetti ever rescued. Aggressive and extremely dangerous when he first came into rescue, Wyatt underwent extensive behavioral modification. ┬áHe took prozac for seven years, enabling him to live among humans and to be less fearful when strangers approached him. By the time he developed diabetes in 2013, Wyatt was able to interact with humans and other dogs quite well. He particularly loved his dad, spending lots of snuggle time with Vincent Errichetti. Wyatt also loved girl dogs, getting very happy when one approached him! He developed diabetes and took shots for two years before he developed kidney failure. Due to the diabetes, his kidney failure progressed quickly and his parents made the extraordinarily hard decision to help him pass on. Wyatt passed over the Rainbow Bridge in September 2015 with his parents present. His life represents the challenges faced by rescues when dealing with dogs who have been abused or neglected. As a result, North Atlantic Westie Rescue takes in a fair number of behavioral health cases each year when other rescues won’t. Thank you for the gift of your life Wyatt. We learned so much from you. Mama and daddy miss you every day.