Pippin (formerly Traveler)

Long-Term Care

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Pippin was a senior miniature Poodle who entered NAWR’s long-term care program in early 2016. At 16 years of age, Pippin was our most elderly long-termer but by no means was he our slowest foster! Pippin was originally rescued by the Animal Rescue League in Brewster, Massachusetts, and transferred to North Atlantic Westie Rescue because of our long-term care capacity.  He was formerly a resident of a home busted for hoarding. In rescue, Pippin became healthy and happy. With the right nutrition and therapy, he gained weight, muscle tone, and confidence to walk and play! He enjoyed the company of his Westie and Poodle companions and was a very good boy! He made everyone he met smile because of his courage and positive attitude.

Pippin was a member of the Sprite Program, our long-term care foster care program for dogs with complex medical and behavioral needs.  He is very much missed by his foster parents, Kathryn and Dan.