Adopted in 2016

Dog Description

Chloe is a six year old adult Westie girl who arrived in our program with complications from chronic ear infections. She was courageously released to NAWR by her owner who sought our medical help and to find a new home where her needs could be met. A special thank you to those who participated transporting Chloe so she could receive specialized care from our vet in New Hampshire.

Upon examination, this sweet and curious little girl was found to have no outlet from her ear canals to the outside world. After long-term ear infections, the canals had swelled to the point where nothing is able to pass in or out. Her cheek has become an outlet for fluids, which means that this case was as about as serious as you can get. She had a double total ear canal ablation surgery with Dr. Koshen, and she fully recovered.  Chloe is settled with her foster mom, who adopted her, receiving love and attention. Isn’t she a pretty girl? (OMG…yes!) Congratulations little one!