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    14 Jul 2016
    Every year, thousands of dogs suffer injuries, health problems, and even die from heat-related issues during the summer. Don’t let your dog become a statistic, and help educate your friends and neighbors with...
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    11 Jun 2016
    Next to religion and politics, selecting food for your dog can be one contentious decision. There are whole blogs and Facebook groups devoted to the should and should not’s of feeding...
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    05 Jun 2016
    In my 10 years of doing dog rescue, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a senior dog who finds himself homeless.  About 80% of all the dogs who are surrendered to North...
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North Atlantic Westie Rescue is tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Westies in need. We believe every dog deserves a forever home where they can be the best dog they can be.

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Urgent Cause

Lulu Belle Needs Surgery!

Lulu Belle is a retired breeding dog who needs surgery to remove a mammary tumor and other suspicious tissue in the surrounding area. We urgently need to do surgery and this means raising funds for this procedure and her spay....
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NAWR rescues 30-40 Westies and small terriers every year. Help us rescue more.

There’s never been a better time to volunteer for North Atlantic Westie Rescue. As the largest Westie Rescue in northeastern United States, we have developed expertise in rescuing dogs with complex medical and behavioral health needs. We rescue Westies, Scotties, Cairns, Yorkies, mini-Schnauzers and more. Consider fostering, driving, raising money or volunteering your special talents to this special cause today!

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North Atlantic Westie Rescue is requesting donations for our dear disabled Bella, a Yorkie without functioning back legs, and all her friends in foster care: Lulu Belle, Chewie, Sammy, George Henry, Pippin, and many others! Please consider donating today! Each dog needs to reach its sponsorship goals in order to receive needed medical care. Help them be healthy and happy! Donate here: nawestierescue.org/donate/ ... See MoreSee Less

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BELLA, our newest member of NAWR is doing well and has proudly settled into her spot at the "Westie Retreat". A terrier is a terrier as she has proven, mixing it up with the group, playing with toys, and is amazingly dragging her disable hind end with her as fast as she can go............don't tell her she is not a Westie. We are researching altering her existing wheel chair or acquiring a new lighter wheel chair so she can go on walks with the gang. Many more photos to come.............
See more on Bella our other foster pups and how you can help, at: nawestierescue.org/donate/
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BELLA, our newest member of NAWR is doing well and has proudly settled into her spot at the "Westie Retreat". A terrier is a terrier as she has proven, mixing it up with the group, playing with toys,...

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BELLA, our disabled new comer to NAWR is doing well in her new home at the "Westie Retreat". She has not let her disability stop her from getting into the mix with the rest of the gang.......yes, she is not a Wesite but don't tell her that !! We will continue her medical evaluation as we work with her to get her eating again. She is a tough little girl who has been through a lot in her 2 years and thanks to the many volunteers who transported and cared for her, she is now in a consistent environment. She came with a wheel chair that is fantastic however a bit heavy for her little 8.2lbs.....we are open to ideas/solutions from you our Westie network to find a featherweight (maybe carbon fiber) version to support her hind-end so she can go on walks with the group. Visit our donation page for infomation on how you can help Bella and our other furry members of NAWR, nawestierescue.org/donate/ ... See MoreSee Less

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This month, we honor the memory of Scout who passed on to Rainbow Bridge in early 2016.